Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Multi Trip travel insurance is a must for people taking multiple trips is a year. It is very easy to overlook purchasing travel insurance, especially if you travel a lot. Multi Trip travel insurance is a convenient option where 1 single purchase can cover you for multiple trips, eliminating the need to purchase travel insurance for each trip.

Multi Trip Insurance

Like the name suggests, Multi Trip Insurance can cover multiple trips. If you need trip cancellation benefits for multiple trips during the year. Multi trip insurance plans are an excellent choice. The plans do have restrictions on the duration of each trip and some require you to have primary health insurance in the home country.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Insurance plans offer health insurance coverage for multiple trips with one annual payment. One payment assures you annual coverage.  There are several types of Annual Multi Trip Insurance plans, some that offer only medical coverage, some offering medical evacuation, repatriation and some offering trip cancellation coverage.

Annual Trip Insurance

Annual Trip Insurance is a must for busy professionals travelling abroad for work multiple times a year. The plans can also cover dependants. Annual trip insurance is the easy way to make sure you are covered every time you travel.

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