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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • What Insurers Take Into Account for Annual Travel Insurance

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When people think of annual travel insurance they often imagine that it is only necessary when someone plans more than one vacation a year. The fact is, annual insurance for travellers is designed to serve the needs of individuals and groups who need to leave their resident country more than once a year irrespective of the type of trip, business, pleasure, or personal.

Factors that Influence Your Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
When an insurance company calculates the coverage cost of multi-trip insurance policies, they take into account several factors. These factors have a direct impact on how much you will have to pay to get covered for every journey you take within a year.
• The age of the policyholder or the main traveller
• The age of the spouse of the policyholder or main traveller, as well as the age of the dependants under the age of 18 is considered. The number of minors plays a significant role.
• The coverage of your travel insurance. You can opt to cover only flight, death, and accident risks, or you may also add medical expense benefits.
• The destination of coverage also influences your costs with insurance. The insurer would want to know whether you wish to be covered only outside the country of citizenship or including in the country of citizenship.
• It is also of great importance whether or not you have some type of primary insurance such as health insurance or employee/group insurance.

These are the main criteria that the majority if insurance providers will consider to calculate the cost on your annual travel insurance. Naturally, there are also aspects that will be considered separately. Insurance coverage is available for a limited number of days for practicing high-risk sports such as skiing. Such details need to be established with the insurer.

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