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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Travel to mourn at the funeral without making your trip mournful

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Many are shocked to hear the news of the tragic death of 39 year old Rangers fan,Shannon Stone, whose death knell was pronounced when he tried to catch the souvenir ball of his son’s sports hero, Josh Hamilton. When Stone tried to catch the ball thrown by Hamilton, he fell about 20 feet on the concrete but remained conscious on landing. This star Firefighter who rose to the rank of lieutenant through excellence, breathed his last an hour later leaving his dear son Cooper. Being a respectable person in his field, thousands are expected at his funeral and this includes not only the Firefighters but also the people from Texas Rangers. If you are one among this group, ensure that you activate your cheap annual travel insurance before travelling.

The funeral home which is at Brownwood is a small town of 20,000 people in the state of Texas. It was really touching to see a dozen yellow roses left in his memory at a monument outside the fire department. Flags in this area have been at half pole since Friday. There is also a discussion about a symbol of remembrance for Stone. To be a part of this mourning, people travel to Brownwood. As these kind of trips are unplanned and sudden, it is always hassle-free if we already possess some kind of travel insurance available at all times.

Cheap annual travel insurance takes care of all the trips you make in a year at an affordable rate without troubling you for each and every trip. This insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, evacuation and accidental death for all the trips made during the year.You can opt for a plan that suit your needs.

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