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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • The Advantages of Annual Travel Insurance

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Although travelling is a time of relaxation and spending quality time, unexpected and unfortunate events still occur. However, for a maximum travelling experience you can choose annual travel insurance that comes with the following options:

• It is the most cost effective solution for those who take more than one trip each year.
• It comes with great discounts in addition to an affordable price.
• It provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips.
• It offers coverage for single trips that can last as long as 60 days each, but you can choose the maximum trip length according to your specific needs.
• Free children’s travel insurance is often included in the multi-trip insurance.
• Golf insurance is also included upon request, as well as motorcycle insurance.
• Ski and other winter sports-related risks, such as loss or damage of ski equipment or medical expenses are all covered.
• Medical expenses, as well as emergency assistance, are available through a permanent help line provided by the insurance company.
• Trip cancelation or curtailment is also covered by multi-trip travel insurance.
• Business equipment such as laptops and more can be included in annual travel insurance, as well.

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