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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Support NASA’s “Endeavour” by endeavouring to arrive for the launch armoured with apt insurance

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NASA’s space shuttle,‘Endeavour’ was all set for a space launch on Friday, the 29’th of May but a sudden failure of the heaters on one of the ship’s power units in the last few hours demanded a postponement. This spectacle was expected to attract a huge audience of around 750,000 spectators along with the President Barack Obama and his family. Many people from across US had travelled to Florida to witness this wonderful launch but the delay has really disappointed many viewers. People who had travelled by flight will have to now rebook their return tickets on a different date depending on the launch date. Apart from the availability of tickets, their travel insurance must provide for trip cancellation and postponement. Annual multi trip insurance is such type of insurance which facilitates trip cancellations, interruptions and loss of baggage for multiple trips.

“Endeavour” is a replacement ship for “Challenger” which was lost in an accident in 1986. This space mission which is a joint effort by 16 nations will assist science in achieving a breakthrough in the field of cosmic rays, finding antimatter and the ever mysterious dark energy. The success of this mission will be a garland to scientists and a gift to human race.

This is why there was a huge crowd gathered to watch this show. But people who had arrived with annual multi trip insurance in their pouch need not worry about the delay in launch. The reason behind is either they can opt for cancellation of return trip and extend their stay until launch or choose to travel back as per plan and return again during the exact launch with the insurance taking care of all of this. Additionally this insurance provides coverage for loss of luggage, medical coverage and flight accident death benefits for any number of trips made during the year.

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