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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Single Travel Insurance for a year while you keep flying here, there and everywhere

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Archaeology, which is the study of past human societies involve a lot of research and analysis of excavated material and environmental data. This is basically a branch of history contributing information about the archaic forms of culture through remnants of objects used by the people at that time. The job, as a successful archaeologist, encompasses a wide range of responsibilities like interacting efficiently with locals, be skillful in managing and guiding the labourers who assist them in digging up materials and educate them, as to what they should ferret around and when they should notify about something they find. All of this involves a lot of travel to various places. Undoubtedly, insuring for travel becomes mandatory. But since the job demands frequent travel, the best insurance option would be annual travel insurance.

This insurance amounts to coverage for ill health expenses, evacuation and accidental death. The same insurance holds good for many trips made during the year and is archetypal for business travellers. The coverage for illness and death due to flight accidents is the highlight of annual travel insurance.

Travel freely and add your discoveries to the Department of Archaeology without any insurance hindrances.

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