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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Rescue your holiday before any accident or sickness rips open your pocket

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As we see in the news, Bangkok has seen the worst of floods in decades. Thailand’s Flood Relief Operations Command are working to clear off the flood affected areas and have predicted that the crucial period is from October 14’th to October 16’th. Tourists to Thailand have been warned due to immense flooding. But some people are travel addicts and they cannot stop travelling. Whether there are rains or excess heat or any kind of discomfort, they need to travel to keep themselves charged with energy. Some people travel to different places to collect souvenirs. Some people travel to sink themselves in the scenic beauty of Mother Nature. Some people travel just to boast about having visited so many places. Some people travel to enjoy the festivals specific to the region.  In whichever category you fall into, you should not forget your annual holiday insurance.

If you are caught up in a travel to a place like Thailand which is now affected by flood and meet up with an accident, annual holiday insurance can rescue your pocket by offering a timely help. This offers coverage for flight accident, medical emergency, accidental death, baggage loss etc., This kind of coverage is available not only for a single travel but also for all the travels made round the year at an affordable rate.

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