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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Make your trips cost-efficient by subscribing to suitable travel insurance

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We are aware of the current news about the proposal for introduction of new tax rates for wealthy Americans. To ensure equality in tax payments among wealthy and middle class families, the White House has proposed this for people earning more than $1 million a year. This will be called “Buffet Rule” named after Warren Buffet who complained that rich citizens like him are not contributing a fair share towards tax. This Buffet Rule will bring about changes in the current tax paid by millionaires, thus helping the country to meet certain deficits in various areas. No details will be specified during proposal as the Congress will be working out the tax rates for this class of people. This when implemented will affect individuals as low as 450,000. Not everyone affected is going to be happy about this. To compensate for this loss, these people will switch to cost-cutting mode. One area where the cost-cutting will be implemented will be travel. The number of travels per year will be reduced and only the trips that are really essential will be made. Annual travel insurance make these mandatory travels more cost-effective.

The plans available for annual travel insurance are the best for business travellers and frequent travellers. They provide coverage for medical expenses, evacuation and accidental death at a very economical price. Choosing a plan with flight accident coverage will protect your family against financial crisis in the case of death or disability due to flight accident.

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