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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Investigate cases unaffected by the possible financial strains from travel

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People especially the sports fans are shocked about the shootings at SF stadium. Police are going strong over this crime and interrogating the possible witnesses so that the criminal can be nailed and brought to justice. Though the motive behind this may be that the shooter was fanatic about his favourite team, going to the extent of killing people is too much to digest. To unveil the mystery behind these killings, police may have to travel a lot. Similarly detective agencies will receive cases that will demand tremendous travelling. The travel insurance for police will be taken care of by the Government. In the case of private detective agencies, though the end customer will be billed accordingly, to save on the money earned, it is economical to insure all your yearly trips with a single annual travel insurance.

For example, in the case of a private detective agency asked for assistance in the above case, firstly the detective may have to travel to the witnesses’ home to enquire and further, based on the clue that might be received, they may have to travel to some other place and progress further. If each of these trips have to be insured, it might work out costlier and would be annoying to insure each of your trips.

Annual travel insurance offers affordable coverage for medical emergencies, evacuation and accidental death in any of the trips made during the insured year. Opting for flight accident coverage provides an additional financial security to the family in the case of death or disability during flight accident.

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