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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Insuring your travel is now just an yearly affair and not a tripwise affair

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Are you a person who exclaim “Travel Insurance! Oh!! That’s a yucky thing!! 20% of the money I earn is spent insuring each of my trips. I am done with insurance”. Annual travel insurance is just the right solution for such people. And yes, such people will also now give a second thought about insuring their trip after reading the news about emergency landing of Southwest airlines due to mid-air hole scare.Just like any other day, people had travelled by the US carrier Southwest airlines on Friday, the 1’st of April, to reach their destination. But instead of landing up straight on their destination, their destiny took a U-turn in the form of a hole in the roof of one of it’s aircraft when they were flying mid-air.This triggered a sudden drop in cabin pressure.

The denouement of this occurence forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. Although the pilot skilfully handled the flight, one flight attendant got injured. Thankfully by God’s grace, none of the passengers were injured. However this incident will be an eye-opener for people who don’t really bother to insure their travel, as they travel frequently due to various reasons. Such people, who are under the wrong impression that it’s a pain to insure each of their trips, must be delighted when they find out that they need not insure each trip every time. They have to just avail themselves of annual travel insurance which covers any number of trips for a year.

This insurance is the most ideal choice for frequent travellers as it offers medical coverage and flight accident coverage with just one annual click for availing this insurance. Be the first person to insure and enjoy the benefits.

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