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  • Saturday, January 20, 2018

  • Insure your valuable asset, “Life” against any travel mishaps

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The flight accident due to the plane crash in Tehachapi, California has ignited a fire spread causing hundreds of people to flee from their homes. The triggered fire spread across 3,500 acres kindled by the dry windy weather conditions. Hundreds of firefighters and about 11 air tankers were toiling to control the spreading flames. About hundred homes were evacuated to avoid any kind of accidents. One person on board has been confirmed dead and one house was burnt down to ashes. The airlines is yet to confirm the number of people were present on the plane. As everyone is aware that accidents do happen occasionally during travel as in the above case, it is essential that we keep ourselves protected financially. This might benefit us or our family when something uneventful happens during our travel. And if you are a person who travel very frequently, it is very necessary that you are insured all the time you travel. To facilitate the ease of insuring, insurance for travel can be taken to cover all the trips made in a year as in annual travel insurance.

Annual travel insurance is just the apt insurance for the above mentioned case as it offers coverage for medical expenses, evacuation and accidental death for all the trips made in a year. Of all the coverage, flight accident coverage is most useful because it provides financial security to the concerned family when a person dies or get disabled due to flight accident. Multi trip flight accident insurance plan is also offered to provide flight accident coverage for multiple trips.

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