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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Insure your travel and be both a beneficent and a beneficiary - But how?

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One place I loathe and hate in this whole world is my “KITCHEN”. Yes, I hate cooking. But I love to taste different cuisines from different countries.My tongue trickles when I think of Italian Pasta Siciliano. My heart skips a beat when I smell Mexican Tacos. Thai noodles dance in my dreams making me long for it more and more. In short, I feel “Food is where the Heaven exists”. If I have to taste all this, I cannot sit at home panting for all international cuisines to knock my door. I need to travel to taste the authentic flavour. So I travel a lot without forgetting the fact that I need to be safely and economically insured. I avail myself with Annual Travel Insurance every year. Of course I cannot deprive myself of my very existence - FOOD.

You might wonder why I should take this kind of an insurance instead of a simple Travel Insurance for each trip. A simple insurance for travel costs more for various reasons. It has to be processed every time you travel. It may not insure your whole family. It may take time to reach you due to unexpected reasons delaying your travel. Whereas if you acquire an insurance that covers your travel annually, the cost is vastly reduced and the benefits are abound. Processing occurs only once. You need not wait to receive the insurance and can choose to travel whenever you want. This also covers the insurance for your spouse who travels with you. Flight accident coverage is also offered from which your family will benefit in the event of flight accident. All of this are available for multiple trips made during the year.

Have’nt I made a right choice by choosing Annual Travel Insurance?

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