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  • Tuesday, February 20, 2018

  • Insure Your Near and Dear Against Ginormous Tragedies

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Flight accidents are becoming a common occurrence these days. Many of us fail to realize that this can happen to any of us during travel. When we hear and read about this in media and newspapers, we really feel sorry for the flight inmates and their family. But we still keep travelling with an insurance without checking whether it offers any benefit for flight accident deaths and injury.

When you read the following, you will realize that you cannot afford to ignore it. Bernard and Lara made a happy family with three kids. Both lived an enviable life and their Home was synonymous with the word “Heaven”. Whatever twists life gave them, they sorted it out together. They were soul-mates who lived like a single person in two forms. It was then that a big tragedy crushed their marital bliss. Lara’s freelance assignments demanded a great deal of travel. So she had immunized herself with annual travel insurance.

She travels to different parts of the world. Bernard, along with the responsibility as a father, assumed the role of the mother too, when she’s away, so that she can pursue her dreams. On one such journey to Paris, she was just preparing herself for the client meeting when she heard a hurried announcement in the flight that they were facing some technical issues with the flight. The hushed tones of passengers slowly marched towards wailing and hot arguments about the talent of the crew and the popularity of airlines, making the crew even more helpless. The crew were making every possible attempt to save the flight but in vain. Finally the flight met with an accident and there were no survivors. This descended as a thunderbolt in Bernard’s head and he felt as if he had lost the very meaning of life. When he recovered, the reality stood before him in humongous proportions.

Though he could not get his Lara back, he got the benefit of flight accident death from annual travel insurance. We should always expect the unexpected and protect our near and dear atleast financially.

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