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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Insure your Holy holidays and enjoy your pilgrimage

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Easter was celebrated in a large scale all over the world. Thousands of pilgrims from around the globe flooded St. Peter’s Basilica for the mass that happens during this Holy Week. Ths place is not only a religious place of worship but also a famous tourist destination. And particularly during a week like this, the crowd that had gathered was enormous. The crowd was like a floating green carpet with pilgrims waving palms and olive branches as symbols of peace while Pope led the procession around the square before presiding over the mass. This eye-catching grandeur is a feast that can’t be skipped. It’s really important that we plan our travel well in advance along with cheap annual travel insurance that offers enormous benefits at an affordable rate.

The festival started on the night of Holy Thursday with the Pope washing the feet of 12 priests to mark the occasion of Christ washing the feet of his disciples. On the day of Good Friday, the gathered mass of people held candles as the clergymen made a procession towards Palatine Hill after stopping 14 times narrating the torture undergone by Jesus and his crucifixion. Then on the day of Easter Sunday, the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection from death formed the theme of the mass.

For devout Catholics who are keen about attending the soulful rendition of the mass, it is essential that they book the tickets well ahead of the festival. And even ahead of booking the tickets, they should insure themselves with cheap annual travel insurance so that they can avoid the last-minute mess. This insurance best suits anyone who regularly visits the religious places during festivals as it avoids the trouble of insuring each and every trip.

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