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  • Saturday, March 24, 2018

  • How to survive an aircrash without burning your pockets

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The crash of Caribbean Airlines which landed in it’s destined location, Guyana rashly has shocked it’s passengers. Everyone of the inmates of the plane tasted death before they were dragged again to safety. The landing was nightmarish though the plane did not catch fire. The plane sped uncontrollably before screeching itself to a thunderous halt in Georgetown’s Cheddi Jagan airport, broken into two pieces.Though this is a miraculous escape for all the people, fate has of course left it’s scar by hurting 3 people severely, one of them being treated for a fractured leg. Injured number amounts to a total of 35 people. The summer months are the peak season during which the natives of Guyana return to their home land for vacation. These people who grab every opportunity to visit their hometown, should be fully prepared to travel anytime by safeguarding themselves with annual holiday insurance.

Since it is impossible to predict the occasion during which we travel to hometown, we should always be completely ready to travel with annual holiday insurance at our disposal anytime anywhere. This insurance is ideal for those who plan frequent holidays in a year. With just a single insurance, it covers all of your trips eliminating the trouble of insuring each and every trip. There are varied plans like flight only coverage or a coverage for flight accident, baggage coverage, medical emergency, accidental death and much more. It is very much on the part of those travellers to utilize the maximum out of this opportunity and get benefited.

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