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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • How do you categorize your Travel Insurance? Business Class or Economy Class?

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Though a lot of risks are involved, many people run their own business. For some people, the business is already established by the previous generations and for some others, it’s adventurous and at the same time profit-driven(to be positive). To run a successful business, you need to meet a lot of prospective and existing clients. This might require a lot of travel within the same year or even the same month. Annual Multi Trip Insurance is the saviour for such people.

Lot of unanticipated events might happen during the travel. Client might cancel the meeting due to some exigency resulting in trip cancellation. Or when you have to take a connecting flight, it might have got cancelled due to heavy snow. Or when you land in your destination, luggage might get lost. Or the flight might encounter technical problems resulting in flight accident causing death. All of these cause a lot of mental tension.

Insuring yourself with Annual Multi Trip Insurance alone can shield you against all of this. Instead of insuring yourself for each trip, this is more economical and cost-effective. You can choose a suitable insurance plan that meets your requirements.

Now even if you are an Economy Class passenger, your insurance belongs to Business Class.

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