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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Have you vaccinated your trips?

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Holiday trips are as exciting as the risks associated with it. Depending on the season, we plan multiple holiday trips during the year. Whether it is honeymooning in Switzerland or sightseeing in Venice or taking a cruise to Helsinki, vacation is a rejuvenating therapy to our tired mind and body. Rejuvenation should not become a nightmare.

We may encounter many unexpected obstacles like medical emergency,evacuation and accidental death. Such incidents cause lot of mental stress to our family and the excitement factor goes down. Ultimately the whole purpose of vacation is lost.

To avoid all of this, opting for Annual travel insurance will be an intelligent decision. This insurance provides reimbursement for all of the above untoward incidents irrespective of the number of trips made and can be utilized for the whole family. This makes the annual travel insurance attractive and economical for frequent travellers.

Add this Insurance in your “To Do Checklist” when you start your new year,

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