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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Get ready with your backpack for a fee-free mini vacation

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If your family is one that enjoys visiting national parks the most, this Tuesday, the 21’st of June is the right optimum time. You might wonder about the specialty of this day but the welcoming news is that it is a fee-free day for more than 100 national parks in US. The parks that charges an entry fee will allow everyone to enter free on that day. Whether it is the steep sided Grand Canyon carved by Colorado river in Arizona or the third largest Everglades national park of Florida or the islandic impression of Cape Cods in Massachussets or any other widely visited national park, the entry remains free on this Tuesday. They also offer some deals on such kind of fee-free days. If you have missed any of the parks during vacation time due to lack of time or due to exorbitant entry prices, now is the opportunity to enjoy the missed-out parks. When you have to visit more than one national park, travel preference will invariably be through a flight. As it’s a real pain to insure each and every trip, annual multi trip insurance encapsulates all of the trips made in a year under one roof.

It’s a blessing in disguise for those travellers availing themselves with annual multi trip insurance as it covers any number of trips made in a year with one single payment. Additionally the insurer gets trip cancellation benefits,medical coverage and repatriation depending on his chosen plan.

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