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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Fortify your travel and be carefree while enjoying your favourite cricket

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Cricket fever is catching up with the tenth ICC World Cup nearing semifinals. It has now become more of a media event than being just a game. There are widespread promotions for this game by having an official event ambassador, an official song and an official mascot.  Cricket fanatics are swarming like bees to India and Srilanka from all parts of the world to watch the semifinals. Tension has set in the atmosphere and expectations are running high on the teams(India, Srilanka, New Zealand, Pakistan) playing in the semifinals. In the excitement to watch the matches, one should not forget to insure their trips against annual multi trip insurance.

The most attractive prize money of US $3 million for the winner and US $1.5 million for runner-up is the highight of the series. And not only that - the prestigious ICC World Cup Trophy that accompanies the prize money for the winner will certainly be a feather on the winning country’s cap. People arrive from various parts of the world to drink in the cricketainment(cricket+entertainment).

Since the matches are conducted in various places, to avoid the trouble of insuring for every trip, it’s easier to insure yourselves with annual multi trip insurance which covers all the trips done during the year. This insurance provides coverage for loss of luggage, medical coverage, trip cancellations/interruptions and flight accident death benefits. You can opt for a combination of any or all of the above benefits to suit your requirement.

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