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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • For a hunky-dory trip, vaccinate your trips with an yearly dose of insurance

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The historic findings of golden treasure in Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple of Kerala, India has really intrigued not only the archaeologists but also the common man. The enormous treasure has been unearthed from six secret cellars which has not been opened since centuries. The golden idol of the Lord Padmanabhaswamy studded with many precious gems, golden idol of Lord Krishna, gold coins, gold ornaments, gold human figurine are among the precious treasure found. This definitely is an interesting news for archaeologists who has gathered in this place to explore more about the origin of such a huge treasure. As everyone knows, an archaeologist cannot afford to sit glued in a place, if he has to soar in his career. Any Tom, Dick and Harry would have watched the Indiana Jones movie where the hero who is an arcahaeologist, travels round the globe in search of the artefacts. It’s impossible to predict such travels in most cases. Some situation might demand an urgent travel. In such circumstances, it’s hassle-free to always possess a ready insurance for travel. This is why an annual travel insurance is a must.

Annual travel insurance is ideal for people who travel very often. This insurance eliminates the trouble of calling the insurance company for each trip as it covers all the trips made during the year irrespective of the number. This insurance offers coverage for medical expenses, accidental death and evacuation that might arise during your travel. The coverage for flight accident can be included in your plan if you are a frequent flyer.

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