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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Escape from unnecessary travel expenses by insuring your trips annually

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Nobody can forget the most disastrous Eyjafjallajokul eruption in Iceland that disrupted air traffic for days last year. Iceland is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. Every now and then there are eruptions and these cause flooding due to ice melting from the glacier. And this year, the most hyperactive volcano of Iceland,

Grimsvotn has flung up hurling ashes, smoke and steam 12 miles into the air. Due to this, Iceland has now closed it’s main international airport and cancelled all it’s domestic flights. Though this eruption is far more puissant than the last year’s, scientists least expect it to demonstrate the same widespread effect. But one cannot afford to take chances as last year’s eruption left 10 million people stranded worldwide.

It’s essential that those who travel often, owing to their business demands are appropriately covered under travel insurance. An appropriate insurance is something that can offer medical coverage, evacuation and trip cancellation. A package of the above mentioned benefits is annual multi trip insurance.

As the name implies, annual multi trip insurance covers numerous trips that are made in a year. This is most ideal for business travellers who should necessarily travel frequently. It saves their time by awarding just a single insurance for multiple trips, on an annual basis. There are various plans under this insurance and the onus is on the part of the insurer to choose the right combination of benefits expected.

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