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  • Saturday, December 16, 2017

  • Do You Engage in Dangerous Sports when you Travel? Read This About Annual Travel Insurance!

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If you are one of those who engage or participate in dangerous games such as running of the Bulls needlessly when you travel abroad, hear this! The annual travel insurance companies have warned that they will not cover dangerous behaviors while traveling abroad. This word of warning was as result of the injury sustained by an Australian woman after being reddened in the back by a Bull during the yearly running of the Bulls Competition.

The AAMI purposely leaves out the Running of the Bulls from the list of their travel insurance cover, and many policies would definitely leave out whatever claims relating to that event. For this reason, travel insurance policy holders have been told of the necessity of taking reasonable care when traveling and that running in propinquity to bulls is not covered by their travel insurance policies.

In other words, injuries sustained at any particular stage in the Running of the Bulls would void an insurance policy for what is simply depicted as seeking risk needlessly. Therefore if you still go ahead to put yourself in such an extremely risky situation and unfortunately get yourself injured, you are then excluded from making a claim accordingly. Travel insurance companies will not compensate you because Running of the Bulls is regarded as needlessly exposing yourself to risk.

Although some insurance companies provided what was known as mortality insurance coverage in the past to cover activities like canyoning, running of the Bulls and jet boating, this is no longer available. However, there are insurance companies that offer coverage for bungee jumping, ballooning and parachuting, but will not insure travelers or people taking part in events like solo skydiving, running of the Bulls as well as steeple chasing.

However, you should weigh the risks involved if you are taking part in any of these dangerous games or events and make sure you know the end results if you sustain any injury – you may not be covered by your travel insurance. A lot of people sustained injuries while taking part in Running of Bulls event according to the information gathered from Google news. For the reason that travel insurance is not unrestricted, travelers are advised to learn about the product disclosure statement of a policy in order to know what is covered precisely. Travel insurance cover will only compensate policyholders for the financial losses they may bring upon themselves in out of the blue and unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, there are a lot of standard general exclusions for certain circumstances, events and situations…like bodily injury, death, loss or damage to property and illness occurring while in the course of participating in, or exposure to premeditated risky behavior while travelling. Whether you are on a business or annual vacation, you must bear these facts in mind when you are traveling abroad in order to fall victim.

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