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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • De-victimize all of your trips with an year-round travel insurance

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The MTV’s Video Music Awards, though a great hit as usual, presented a very stunning moment to all the viewers. The stunning moment was none other than Beyonce’s gesture of communicating her pregnancy to the live audience without any verbal means. The starry performance by Beyonce ended with the visual confirmation that she and her husband Jay-Z were expecting their child. This unborn baby stole the hearts of the viewers becoming a star instantly. Los Angeles, which is home to many of the great stars and which was where the event was held on August 28’th, had a jam-packed audience owing to the fame of the event held. Every year, this event attracts many people around the world. A careful traveller would book his tickets only after ensuring that his trip is safe with a valid annual multi trip insurance.

If you happen to be a person who just cannot afford to miss this kind of events, the fun and joy of attending the event would be lost, if your travel gets disturbed in some way or the other. You may fall sick or your flights may get cancelled or interrupted due to some natural disasters in your area of travel. Though we travel to drink the joy derived from these events, it’s equally important to make our trips safe and secure. In order to do this, we insure our trips. But it is really vexatious to insure every trip which might make us careless about insuring some of our trips. And if this uninsured trip becomes a victim to any of the above mentioned trouble, we suffer.

To avoid this situation it’s easier if all of your trips can be covered under one roof. This one roof is nothing but the annual multi trip insurance. It offers coverage for medical expenses, flight accident death benefits, baggage loss, trip interruptions and trip cancellations at a reasonable rate for any number of trips in a year. After this expires, it can be renewed again for the next one year.

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