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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Counter any disastrous situation with a really beneficial travel insurance

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Chicago has witnessed the record-breaking rainfall with overnight showers recording 7 inches of rain. This has resulted in cancellation of flights, shutting down of trains and some highways. Over 100 flights stand cancelled at O’Hare International Airport. Even the beaches of Chicago’s Lake Michigan stand closed for swimming after the water reclamation department opened the locks at two locations which would possibly contaminate the lake with sewage water and stormwater. This is not the end of all occurences. The power for many of ComEd customers has been knocked out by this storm adding to the list of maladies. Many vehicles are stranded due to overflowing flood water. Due to this tight situation, many travellers on business or vacation are unable to take the flights. This is when an annual multi trip insurance comes to their rescue.

Those people who have insured their yearly trips against this insurance get to enjoy a trouble-free travel. This is because an annual multi trip insurance is something that offer trip cancellation benefits for all the trips in a year. They also provide protection for loss of luggage, trip interruptions, medical emergencies and death due to flight accident. The insurer can opt for either or all of the above contingencies to be covered.

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