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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Cherry-pick your travel insurance before you travel

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Many hundreds of flights were previously cancelled(two weeks ago) due to ash plumes from Chile’s Cordon Caulle volcano. Just when there was a return to normality, the volcano again started scattering ashes that reached as far as Australia and New Zealand again. This situation demanded cancellation of flights again as these ashes are powerful enough to cause damage to airplane equipment and engines. Due to this cancellation, many travellers have been affected. Those who were supposed to travel on business, are keeping their fingers crossed about when the travel would resume. They would now be delighted that flights would be resumed again. As it’s impossible to predict such kind of hurdles in our planned travel, it’s always best to renew your annual travel insurance every year.

Though there are umpteen insurances for travel in the market, the most recommended and convenient one is annual travel insurance. This insurance offers optimum benefit for the insurer by covering all the travels made in a year. The various plans under this insurance includes coverage for medical expenditure, evacuation and trip cancellations. One has to just choose the plan that suits his requirement the best.

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