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  • Saturday, March 24, 2018

  • Book your tickets and insurance to fight against melanoma, the skin cancer

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Today’s news about the new melanoma drugs, that has brought about a major breakthrough in the medical field, is undoubtedly a boon to skin cancer patients. Melanoma is a deadliest form of skin cancer that appears as a dark spot or tumour on the skin. The two new drugs though not a cure, is a time booster for survival. This is supposed to be more effective than chemotherapy. While one of the drugs concentrates on genetic mutation, the other targets the immune system by stimulating it to fight cancer. Thanks to the sponsorer company Bristol-Myers Squibb, who paid for the study and is the maker of these drugs.Though these drugs prolong the patient’s time for last breath, these drugs have their own side effects like diarrhoea, skin rashes and fatigue. But since the survival chances are more, patients who are fighting against melanoma, would now desire to avail this treatment irrespective of the amount of travel it takes to reach the place with the hospital treating it. As these patients might have to travel a lot for treatments (the current treatment and maybe future travel as a continuation of the current treatment), it would be ideal if they insure themselves against annual multi trip insurance.

Annual multi trip insurance offers a load of benefits with just one single travel insurance for any number of trips for the whole year. Since there are chances of last minute changes in travel like trip cancellation due to doctor’s absence on that particular day or a family emergency or any other hurdle, this insurance takes care of those loss arising out of cancellations.

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