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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Appoint the right insurance as your travel caretaker and get set to go on an adventurous vacation

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All of us look forward to our vacation time and plan a lot. The word “Fun” can be used synonymously with the word “Vacation”. We browse around to choose a destination, block the flight tickets, make hotel reservations and depending on the place we visit, we ensure that we book our entry tickets, if required, for the local tourist attractions. And then the countdown begins. But with the recent news about pilots getting arrested for securing the job with the forged documents, there is a wave of fear amongst people to travel by flight. But of course our vacations cannot be hindered by this. We carefully choose a reputed airline for travelling. And if you are a frequent vacationer, annual multi trip insurance is just the apt way of insuring yourself.

Nobody would have even imagined that a scandal would arise about the document forgery by pilots. But this has triggered a chain of investigations about many other pilots and we are yet to hear more about this.We simply assume that we travel safely in flights without even realising the possibility of flight accidents that may be caused by ineptitude of such pilots.

But annual multi trip insurance offer the benefits of trip cancellation in case the airlines through which you have booked the tickets gets involved in the tangle of scandal. It also provides for loss of luggage, medical coverage, trip interruptions and flight accident death benefits. You can choose a plan with a combination of any of the above to meet your requirements.

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