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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Anticipate and crash all the travel hurdles even while you plan your travel

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The tourist flight crash in Nepal has killed all the 19 people present in the plane. The victims were people of Indian, American and Japanese nationality. These tourists were travelling happily to view Mount Everest and other peaks on a one-hour trip and were scheduled to return to Kathmandu. The foggy climate and the rain in the area has blocked the clarity of vision which resulted in accident. The bodies of victims were transported to Kathmandu which is expected to be returned to their respective relatives on Monday. None of these victims would have imagined that they were journeying to meet the Lord of Death. As the saying goes that life is unpredictable, all of us should be fully prepared to handle tough situations like this. One such prepartion is to never forget our insurance for travel. Just any kind of insurance for travel is not going to help us as they might have complex clauses to escape rightful payment to the insurer. The right kind of insurance that does not dodge the insurer is annual travel insurance.

Annual travel insurance is an insurance that covers multiple trips made in a year. It not only offers coverage for medical expenses, evacuation and accidental death for all the trips made but also provides an option of covering flight accidents. This coverage for flight accidents is an excellent coverage that protects the family by offering financial security in case the traveller dies or get disabled due to flight accident. And the best part is that the coverage is available for all the trips in a year.

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