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  • Tuesday, February 20, 2018

  • Annual Travel Insurance Mistakes You Must Avoid

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When searching for annual travel insurance, never get caught out by inadequate policies and increasing premiums.
Travel insurance is on the headlines again as the summer vacation is approaching. The increasing joblessness in Southern Europe has resulted in higher crime rates, leaving the innocent tourists the hoodlums target for petty theft. It had however been discovered by the ABTA travel association that 24% of those who travel abroad on vacation now are at risk of not buying annual travel insurance. You can avoid the mistakes of being caught out in the following ways.
Confirmation of Your Home Insurance
Before traveling abroad, confirm if your home insurance covers your personal belongings away from home. You may discover that it provides outside or away cover of up to £3,000. Nevertheless, it is worth getting in touch with your insurance provider with a lot of policies not covering the full items such as Smartphone. Although you can make payment for its extension, but ensure that this will not cost you above taking a new policy. Furthermore, it may just cover your lost or stolen items – comparable to baggage cover, instead of cancellations or medical care.
Carry Out Adequate Research
The truth is that; it is not just the frequent travelers that are suffering from increasing premiums.  The suggestion is that you should take your time to shop round before buying an annual policy and you will find out that it is more than worth it if you travel two or more times in a year. Also, ensure that you read the small print and understand every bit of it. Furthermore, obtain your travel insurance when you are booking your flight in order for you to get protected if you are unexpectedly not able to make the trip. And don’t forget the fact that a cheap policy may mean exclusions.
Being Cautious when Settling in UK
If you are traveling to UK on vacation this year, you are advised to check the available insurance policies carefully. On the other hand, you may discover that your policy is invalid if you fail to book your accommodation ahead of your trip or if your trip is less than 25 miles from your place of residence. Consequently, be conscious of the fact that many insurers necessitate a minimum of two night stays while others require three, if you are planning a weekend holiday or trip. In the same vein, many insurers set a highest number of days travel for each trip. Therefore, make sure you check your policy document properly to ensure that you are covered for the period.
Consult Specialist Insurers to Avoid Being Overcharged
To ensure that they are not overcharged for the travel insurance of their choice; customers are more and more whirling to comparison websites while the traveling agents are dominating less than 17% of sales in travel insurance. The comparison websites will help greatly, but the best alternative is to consult specialist insurers. Also, it may be better to obtain a single trip policy that extends up to 85 because prices are on the increase for older travelers.
Obtain European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
According to the report of the research conducted by Association of British Insurers, in 2012, the average cost for medical treatment abroad amounted to £2,040. You will have access to reduced or free cost of state healthcare in Europe if you get an EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card. However, this will not cover repatriation or private treatment and it should therefore be viewed as a substitute to insurance.
There have been reports of hospital curtails across Europe this year with a lot of hospitals trying to convalesce costs of treatment straightforwardly from overseas patients rather than with European Health Insurance Card. Thus, find out the location of your nearest state hospitals upon your arrival in Europe, and have copies of your EHIC at hand all the time.

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