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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Annual Travel Insurance Versus Single Trip Insurance

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There are many people who prefer annual travel insurance versus single trip insurance. The truth is, within a year, some travel only once while others travel at list three or four times, or even more. The circumstances are different in each case and that is why most travel insurance policies are unique and customized for each individual or even family according to their needs and expectations.  But, with more and more people taking several trips a year, multi-travel annual insurance is becoming increasingly popular.

People travel all the year round but that doesn’t mean that they will be on vacation all the time. Annual insurance is suitable when other trips such as business trips occur throughout the year on a regular basis. There are of course situations that involve higher risks, such as winter sports and in such cases, annual insurance is a lot more appropriate then single trip insurance.
The advantages of multi-travel annual insurance are many. First of all, you will get great prices. Secondly, there are numerous benefits for when you want to include other family members. Thirdly, you can travel anywhere at any time during the year without having to worry about emergency expenses. Also, certain sports, even risky ones, are covered for a limited amount of days during the year, which is enough considering that most people don’t go skiing all year round.

Typically, annual travel insurance providers offer extra coverage, such as emergency assistance 24 hours a day, hospital benefits, mugging, hijack and catastrophe, business trips, airline failure, wedding cover, trip cancellation, travel delay, stolen luggage, pet care, loss of valuables, and many more. There are some providers who do not provide cover for act of terrorism, but there are some that do.

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