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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Annual Travel Insurance for Regular Travellers

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Annual travel insurance is good for almost any traveller who takes a minimum of two vacations per year. What makes this type of insurance a great travel insurance option? Well, first, it is the freedom that this type of insurance allows you. You can take any trip throughout the year without having to worry about insurance coverage. Then, they are amazingly affordable and generally include other family members as a bonus or free children insurance. Additionally, it can be purchased online and you can save as much as 40%. Also, annual travel insurance can be customized for the needs of each policyholder.

Naturally, there are exception risks that are not normally covered, but they can be if you request it. That is to say that, although, in general, high risk sports are exceptions, you can get annual travel insurance that will cover that as well. No matter the activities you are normally involved in when travelling, you can have your annual insurance cover the risks for you. 

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