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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Annual Travel Insurance Can Be a Bargain for Travelers

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Frequent travelers may be able to get a bargain if they opt for annual travel insurance. With this kind of insurance, they will not be getting one-time protection, they will have multiple coverage for the duration of one year.

When availing of this kind of insurance, travelers should be sure that they pick a start date that is most advantageous to them. For instance, they could pick a date that is prior to their planned frequent travels.

As compared with one-time travel insurance, the annual travel plan includes multiple types of coverage for a time period that is specified. Thus, frequent travelers should make sure the coverage of their annual policy would start on the day before they actually go on their first trip.

If the insurance company asks for a start date for the policy, make sure to provide the date when you begin to be exposed to losses, financially. In that way, you are able to maximize coverage of your annual travel insurance and so getting it would be a bargain for you.

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