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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Annual Travel Insurance and People Over 70

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People work their entire lives to save up to be able to travel throughout their retirement years. Traveling is a dream for many and annual travel insurance can contribute to a smooth journey. However, things are a bit different when you are over 70 and here is why:

• Most insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions such as heart illnesses or cancer. With people over 70 the probability of suffering from a severe condition is higher than for young travelers and that is why they should look for providers that cover pre-existing conditions.

• The travel insurance options for older people are similar to those that young people have at their disposal. The point is to take advantage of the best insurance offers that suit you best as far as travelling needs and health condition.

• Most annual travel insurance policies are more expensive for people over 70 because the people in this age bracket do not benefit from the best of health. But there are providers who customize their policies according to the specific situation of each individual.

• Although travel insurance costs are generally higher for people over 70, there are many insurance providers on the market and that means competitive costs. It is always advisable to look for those providers who offer specialized insurance for older people and also to check several options.

Annual travel insurance for older people also comes with a number of benefits that insurance for younger people will not have such as extended cover for medical and emergency assistance.
• Make sure you understand the risks of the country or countries you are traveling to in order to request the best cover from your insurance provider. 

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