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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Annual Travel Insurance

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Annual travel insurance policies involve covering multiple trips over a long period of time, generally within the span of one year. The plan can come with many benefits that can overshadow the benefits of single trip insurance covers. In as much the benefits may be luring and attractive, care must be taken because the plans are never flawless in nature.

Some of the conspicuous benefits of the plan include saving time taken in booking for a single trip every time the policyholder wishes to travel. This makes the travelling procedure much easier while all the risks are taken care of. The number of activities that are covered in the policy is also beneficial in that the activities are varied, while the cost more or less remains the same. There is also improved flexibility as the policyholders have the freedom to customize the policy for every travel. Another benefit of the policy is that it is very continuous and can be used all year long.

Some reasons that may discourage you from applying for the annual travel insurance policy is that it can prove expensive, especially if the number of trips are fewer. The insurance policy also has age limits and cannot cover travellers above the age of 65. The plan is also characterized by huge excess levels that make it unaffordable.

Annual travel insurance is very economical to those who are frequently travelling and very expensive for the ones who travel intermittently. Choose this policy if you plan to have very many trips.

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