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  • Thursday, March 22, 2018

  • Add glamour to your trip to Cannes festival with the safest travel insurance

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The prestigious and the most famous of film festivals, “Cannes Film Festival” was celebrated on Sunday, the 16’th of May this year. This festival was initially founded in 1946 and celebrated every year in a place called Cannes which is situated in the south of France. All great personalities from the glamourous film industry around the world travel to Cannes to watch this exotic show. The highlight of this festival is the prestigious award, “Palme d’Or” (meaning “Golden Palm”), which is awarded for the best film. Since there are many travellers around the world to visit this festival, flights would be overbooked and insurance companies trading high during this period. It’s therefore imperative to identify the most cost-effective insurance for travel which unquestionably is our annual travel insurance.

Though the Cannes festival is conducted on an international basis, only the recent years has seen more of Indian movies competing for the award. And this year has been exciting with Cannes paying riotous homage to Bollywood, one of the leading Indian film industry. More of Indian film stars have travelled to Cannes to witness the festival. Any travel plan is incomplete without annual travel insurance.

This insurance takes care of any medical expenses encountered,evacuation and accidental death for any number of trips made during the year.Since film industry demands a quantum of travel, this insurance is an ideal choice for film professionals.

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