Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel insurance plans offer affordable coverage for medical expenses, evacuation & accidental death for multiple trips during the year. These plans are ideal for business travelers or frequent travelers who make multiple trips a year. Flight accident coverage is useful coverage that offers financial security to your family in the event of death or disability during a flight accident. If you make multiple trips a year it is a good idea to purchase a multi trip flight accident insurance plan.

Cheap Annual Travel Insurance

The Annual Travel Insurance plans are an affordable alternative to purchasing a new plan for each trip. The Cheaper Annual Travel insurance plans are convenient for frequent travelers and are usually less expensive than purchasing a travel insurance plan for each trip.

Annual Holiday Insurance

If your family plans multiple holidays in a year, annual holiday insurance is a smart choice. Eliminate the hassle of purchasing a new plan for each trip and enjoy your holidays stress free. With just 1 purchase you and your family receive year round worldwide health coverage eliminating the need to purchase a new plan for each trip. Some plans require proof of domestic coverage.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Some Annual multi trip travel insurance plans offer trip cancellation benefits for multiple trips during the year. These plans also offer coverage for baggage loss and trip interruptions. There are a few plans that offer only medical benefits, some others only offer flight accident death benefits and some offer a combination of medical coverage, trip cancellation benefits and flight accident death benefits. Choose the plan that meets your requirements.


If you don’t need an annual plan and you are looking for a single trip travel insurance plan then go to to obtain quotes and compare plan benefits.

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